All Questions Answered

15 Jan

In lieu of trying to answer twitter questions about my list on twitter and limiting myself to 140 characters, here’s a thread for you to ask questions about the list. I will answer them all.

I’ve removed e-mail or approval requirements to post comments, so I suppose this is also an all spambots allowed thread.


4 Responses to “All Questions Answered”

  1. Sebastian January 15, 2013 at 8:38 PM #

    At this point, does Lupo have a higher hypothetical ceiling than any OF in the system not named Nimmo, or is it still to early to even be thinking like that?

    • Jeffrey Paternostro January 15, 2013 at 8:49 PM #

      You can make the argument. We just don’t know that much about Lupo though. However, Lupo’s limited to left field and he’s not a great runner, so he’s going to have to hit a ton. He may very well do that, and the Mets are pretty well bereft up high upside outfielders. If I ranked him he’d be somewhere in the 25-35 range probably, but that’s based on basically nothing and would put him behind Becerra, who I think I like more on a tools level. But that’s also based on just about nothing. They’ll both be stateside this year, so we should get some better reports, and I hope to see both of them if they make it to Kingsport.

  2. Sylvan January 17, 2013 at 11:44 AM #

    How do you see the [Muno, Reynolds, TJ Rivera] type guys defensively?

    Are they totally fake middle-infielders who would probably be well-below-average even at 2B, like Turner? Or do any of them have a chance to actually be legitimate gloves at 2B?

    I realize you didn’t even rank Rivera and presumably consider him a pretty fringy guy, but I threw him in there because I’m curious, and I’ve heard almost nothing about him. On the podcast you mentioned Juan Carlos Gamboa as a non-prospect who got some unwarranted chatter from Mets fans (I was one of them). Well, that’s bound to happen if no one in the prospecting community ever takes a moment to explain why these guys suck!

    • Jeffrey Paternostro January 18, 2013 at 5:12 PM #

      I’ll take Muno the first because he’s the easiest and I’ve seen him the most. He just doesn’t have enough arm for shortstop, but as of right now, he’s athletic enough to handle 2B and be average there I’d say. Ultimately, he’s more of a utility guy and will probably play all over the infield. I believe he played some 3B in college as well, though I don’t see the arm being good there either. He could probably fake short once a week, but it would be akin to Turner faking short right now.

      Reynolds is an interesting one. I saw him very shortly after he signed, and Toby’s indicated he’s got more comfortable as his pro season went on. That said, he looked bad at shortstop, enough arm for sure, but the actions were very mechanical and he looked very uncomfortable moving and making plays to his back hand side. I think the skillset plays better at third base rather than second, but like Muno, you are probably looking at a utility player anyway. Reynolds’ problem is if you can’t play shortstop at the major league level, and I don’t think he can, that’s a bit of a redundant utility guy, since you’d probably have to carry a back-up SS who could play all the other IF positions anyway.

      I only got one look at Rivera, as he got promoted before Savannah came up to Lakewood. He did play short that day and had exactly zero balls hit at him. I didn’t rank him because he’s 23 (well, 24 now) and lacks much in the way of projection, but I could see him turning into a Jon Malo type.

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